Press Release

Recently launched website offers a new “game” that invites all your co-workers to play

Indianapolis, IN (April 24, 2013) – For those who have ever felt they lacked the knowledge of a certain sporting event, but loved the excitement and camaraderie of the office pool, there’s now a website for you. has taken the simple concept of writing names on a piece of paper, folding them in half and pulling them out of hat to a new level.  On the website, the user has the opportunity to start or join a group for a particular sporting event and invite friends, family and colleagues to play.

The latest sporting event on, the Kentucky Derby, offers the user the ability to start a group and invite co-workers, friends and/or family to play.  As users join the group, they go to the hat pick module, click ‘Make A Hat Pick’ and the website randomly assigns a set number of horses to that particular user depending on how many picks the group creator allows per group member.The horse (or horses) that are assigned are now the user’s horses for the race.

The Hat Pick Group View provides a listing of all group members and their hat picks (horses) as well as the jockey and odds.  However, the Group View will not list all member hat picks until all the horses have been selected in a group.  This avoids group players seeing that all the best-odd horses have already been taken and keeps it exciting.  If the user’s group hasn’t selected all the horses prior to post, the website will randomly assign the remaining horses to random members of each group, ensuring every horse has a hat pick owner. is entirely free to play and is set up for easy use on smart phones and other mobile devices.  The website promises to continue to deliver more sporting events throughout the year including the Indianapolis 500 following the Kentucky Derby.

“I designed this website so everyone would have the opportunity to participate in an office pool.  Hopefully, adding a little more fun and excitement to the usual workday and providing another option for team-building”, said Adam Mohr, Founder of


Hat Picks, LLC launched on March 1, 2013.  The website delivers a free office pool play to end users across multiple sporting events.  Their office is based in Greenwood, Indiana.  For more information, please e-mail at or write to P.O. Box 1410, Greenwood, IN 46142.