What is

Our website was created and designed to provide a new and exciting twist to your office pool. If you have ever experienced the excitement of a hat pick game, there’s now a website to make it easier and more exciting. There’s no need to spend the time cutting and folding pieces of paper and drawing out of hat any longer. will randomly assign players/teams to your group members for each sporting event depending on the parameters you set.  Group owners can set a minimum and maximum of hat picks for their group and invite players directly.

This type of game invites everyone to play because you don't have to be sport guru to win!

Our hat pick events have included the men's college basketball tournament, the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500 and multiple NASCAR races, including The Chase.  We had great participation with the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

We invite you, the user, to start or join a group and play against all of your friends, family and/or co-workers. We will provide the sporting event, you provide the excitement. The fun is absolutely free on